visual útskýring

á kreppubyrjun. Jájá HHG og þið hinir, þetta var allt stjórnvöldum og ofstjórnun að kenna…

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.

(eða nei, mér sýnist það nebbla hafa verið græðgi)

fundið hjá Karen.

5 Responses to “visual útskýring”

  1. 1 hildigunnur 2009-02-22 kl. 10:50

    wordpress viðurkennir ekki embed kóðann hjá vimeo, þannig að þið verðið bara að smella á tengilinn.

  2. 2 Elisabeth 2009-02-22 kl. 12:35

    Which actually suggests there is no credit crisis, just a bunch of people too narrowly focused on their own small piece of the pie to be able to step back and see the whole. The video also suggests that by getting back to the basics of people taking care of house and home, by simply paying their mortgage, it will slowly resolve itself, no big need for a huge intervention from the government. One thing I wondered about though was the lack of explanation of the investors who were willing to buy really risky investments right from the get go. If these people had enough money behind them, it seems like they could just come in now and buy up a lot of the risky assets at a relatively cheap price. I guess most of them don´t have the personal wealth to pull that off though. I´m officially adding this blog to my blog list, after peaking in a few times. Thank you!

  3. 3 hildigunnur 2009-02-22 kl. 13:48

    Maybe they don’t then have all that much money behind them at all, just easy access to loans. I don’t know. Hopefully things will right themselves out, yes.

    Welcome anytime, glad to see you. Do you blog, yourself?

  4. 4 Elisabeth 2009-02-22 kl. 18:51

    Já, á I´m new to blogging, though. First I started out with Facebook, which I also really like in terms of hearing what other people are up to in a condensed format. But I find blogging is better for saying what I´m thinking and feeling, even if I´m still a bit shy about it!

  5. 5 hildigunnur 2009-02-22 kl. 19:14

    Welcome, I’ll take a look. Do put your homepage in the designed line, makes it easier to go over to your page.

    I agree, I’d never ever stop blogging and move over to Facebook altogether. So shallow, somehow, even though it’s fun.

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