föstudagur! árshátíð í kvöld, gaman má ekkert …


árshátíð í kvöld, gaman

má ekkert drekka, ekki gaman

minnir mig á, þarf að taka stakloxið!

andlaus í dag, fáið bara einn góðan!

Years ago while attending a dinner party hosted by some friends of mine the hostess served a meal with this delicious mushroom sauce. After the meal there was a small amount left over and the hostess decided to allow her pregnant cat to enjoy the treat as well as the guests. The guests all felt it was a great gesture and showed the cat was a member of the family.

The sauce was the highlight of the evenings topic of conversation, everyone commented on how delicious it was, and the hostess beamed at all the compliments. One of the guest commented that toadstools were much like mushrooms except for being toxic, and how funny it would be is such a culinary treat were made from that instead.

As if on cue, the pet cat started crying and squirming on the floor, clutching its belly. The hostess exclaimed, „Oh my God, it’s the mushroom sauce!“

We all went to the emergency room in a mad rush, and had our stomachers pumped after telling them we had eaten poisonous mushrooms. This was an extremely unpleasant experience.

We we got back, the cat was lying on the floor peacefully looking up at us, and had given birth to kittens.

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Færðu inn athugasemd

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